Priority 6 Support for increasing forestry productivity

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Total available funding:
€230,502.00 (2015 – 2020)

Applications must be for at least £2,500 with a maximum grant amount of £100,000. In exceptional circumstances a higher grant amount may be awarded to projects which demonstrate exceptional economic outputs including job creation. The maximum intervention rate is 40%.

Please note, de minimis state aid regulations mean that a maximum of €200,000 is available to any one applicant in any 3-year period. If an applicant has other public funding, this may count towards the de minimis amount and reduce the amount of money they can apply for.

Forestry is making an increasing contribution to rural-growth; helping to diversify the farm economy and reduce the carbon footprint of local communities. More than 805 of the England’s woods are privately owned. Funding under LEADER will aim to deliver permanent new supply chains and jobs that, at the same time, restore regular management to local woods and encourage a greater degree of added value to the timber output.

Who can apply?

  • Private forest holders
  • Small and medium sized businesses


  • Grants are available for;
  • Investments in machinery and equipment to help the production, extraction, mobilising and marketing of timber and non-timber forest products
  • Processing, mobilising and marketing of products for new forestry technologies
  • Enhancing forestry potential or adding value to forest products by processing, mobilising or marketing
  • Supporting the development of wood-fuel supply chains
  • Transportation of wood within a forest by specialized forestry equipment excluding standard transport activities
  • Investments in the production, processing and marketing of non-timber forest products, particularly wild venison. This shall include on-holding cold storage and butchery facilities

LEADER and Staffordshire County Council