Priority 5 Support for cultural and heritage activity

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Total available funding:
€115,251.00 (2015 – 2020)

Applications must be for at least £2,500 with a maximum grant amount of £100,000.
For projects requesting grant above £40,000 we would expect them to demonstrate exceptional economic outputs including job creation. The maximum intervention rate is usually 40% however for some non commercial activity a higher intervention rate of up to 80% may apply.

Please note, de minimis state aid regulations mean that a maximum of €200,000 is available to any one applicant in any 3-year period. If an applicant has other public funding, this may count towards the de minimis amount and reduce the amount of money they can apply for.

This focuses on the promotion, enhancement and maintenance of cultural heritage assets and events where this promotes growth in the tourism economy to;

  • Create a sense of local identity through raised awareness of their importance
  • Help protect cultural heritage features against damage and degradation

Who can apply?

  • New or existing micro or small businesses
  • Rural community organisations
  • Public or private entities working in partnership with small and micro business and rural community groups
  • Local authorities
  • Organisations in charge of tourist and recreational development


Funding for the costs of construction and/or restoration of buildings and other physical assets including general costs such as architects and engineering fees :

  • Which aim to enhance, restore and upgrade the cultural an natural heritage of villages and rural landscapes and high nature value sites
  • For the conservation of small scale built heritage
  • For funding to enhance cultural and community activities and investments to enhance venues providing cultural and heritage e activity
  • To support events linked to cultural activity

LEADER and Staffordshire County Council