Priority 2 Support for micro and small businesses and farm diversification

LEADER approach



Total available funding:
€922,008.00 (2015 – 2020)

Applications must be for at least £2,500 with a maximum grant amount of £100,000.
In exceptional circumstances a higher grant amount may be awarded to projects which demonstrate exceptional economic outputs including job creation. The maximum intervention rate is 40%.

Please note, de minimis state aid regulations mean that a maximum of €200,000 is available to any one applicant in any 3-year period. If an applicant has other public funding, this may count towards the de minimis amount and reduce the amount of money they can apply for.

Funds under this priority will be used to provide grants for developing or starting rural micro and small businesses and farm diversification projects.

Who can apply?
• Micro and small businesses based in rural locations including social enterprises
• People who want to start a business that is in a rural area
• Farming businesses that want to diversify

• Starting a new business
• Construction costs or establishment costs for workshops, factories, premises and facilities
• Purchasing equipment
• Processing and marketing of non-agricultural products
• Processing and marketing of agricultural products
• Social service provision
• Developing craft and handicraft activities
• Setting up an It business
• Leisure, recreational and sport activities

Costs could include;
• Construction costs, acquisition or improvement to immovable property
• The purchase or hire purchase of new and second hand equipment, machinery and equipment
• General costs such as architect, engineer and consultation fees
• The purchase, hire purchase or lease purchase of new machinery and equipment (limited to 15% of projects total eligible costs)
• Intangible investments including acquisition or development of computer software
• Acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights, trademarks.

LEADER and Staffordshire County Council