Am I Eligible?

Pre-Outline Application Checklist
Am I Eligible to Apply for LEADER Funding?

Being able to answer all these questions will be very helpful in determining whether or not you and your proposed project are eligible to apply for funding from the Staffordshire LEADER Programme.

Please note that the following questions cover only basic eligibility and other, more specific restrictions may become evident later in the process.

Part 1 – You MUST be able to answer YES to ALL of the following questions 


1. Am I an existing micro or small enterprise (fewer than 50 FTE staff or less than 10 million euros
turnover), a social enterprise, or do I want to start a new business?

2. Am I looking for capital funding only?

3. As a commercial business am I able to match fund the project with 60% of my own funds
(in kind or other public body contributions are not permitted), or as a not-for profit enterprise
am I able to match fund the project with 20% of our own funds?

4. Am I looking for more than a £2,500 contribution towards my project from LEADER?

5. Will I be able to continue with the project objectives, including maintaining ownership
and use of any items purchased for a period of at least 5 years after claiming the grant?

6. Will my project add value by creating jobs and/or growth within my business, or
will it deliver other tangible economic benefits such as an increase in visitor numbers?

7. Is my project environmentally sustainable?

8. Can I cash flow the project? You must be able to make purchases before receiving the grant.
You will receive payment after receipts have been submitted with your claim
(claims may take up to 8 weeks to process).
Up to 3 claims can be submitted over the lifetime of the project.

9. Are you able to provide 3 years accounts, or for new businesses a financial forecast
(if grant requested is under £35k you only need 2 years accounts)?

10. If I am a tenant, will I have at least 5 years minimum term remaining on the tenancy
agreement from the point of claiming the grant?

11. Is my project start date at least 1 month after the date the Executive Group will make
a decision on your application?

12. If purchasing second-hand equipment, can I prove this was not previously purchased
using public funds in the last 7 years and has at least 5 useful life remaining?

13. If applicable, are all consents, permissions and licences in place e.g. planning permission?

Part 2 – You MUST be able to answer NO to ALL of the following questions

Is Your Application For…… Yes / No

1. A business, or linked business that has collectively received up to a maximum of
200,000 euros in government funding in the last 3 years?

2. A linked business that collectively would not meet the micro/small business definition?

3. A project that comprises routine repairs or maintenance of premises or equipment?

4. Like for like replacements?

5. Hard copy marketing material?

6. Ongoing staff or running costs (including salaries of permanent or fixed term staff)?

7. Any costs you incur when putting together your application – including consents
such as planning permission, agent’s fees?

8. Any items that you already get EU or national funding for?

9. Day to day running costs of your enterprise
(for example utility bills, council tax, rent or insurance)?

10. Contingency costs?

11. Land or building projects where the ownership or lease is not yet in place?

12. Loans, fines or interest payments?

13. Costs connected with a leasing contract, such as lessor’s margin, interest refinancing costs,
overheads and insurance charges

14. Purchase of equipment that will not be legally owned by you, the applicant,
at the time of claiming the grant?

15. Activities that will happen or start before you are notified of the outcome of your application?

16. Items that are purchased on behalf of another business/organisation?

17. A project or activity that the state, or your own business, has a legal obligation to provide,
or is a standard industry obligation?

18. Projects that you cannot maintain due to high ongoing costs, or projects that are
not sustainable long-term?

19. VAT that you can recover?

20. Own labour?

21. Ongoing licence fees, subscriptions and service charges?

22. Feasibility studies?

23. Improvements to your primary/main residential dwelling unit?

24. Standard computer and mobile equipment?

25. Costs for renewable heat and energy systems covered by the renewable heat incentive (RHI)
or Feed-In Tariffs (FITs)?

26. A project that will displace economic activity undertaken by other businesses?

27. Costs of agricultural production rights and payment entitlements?

28. Purchase of animals or annual crops?

29. Any costs associated with woodland creation or the day to day standard management
of the woodland itself?

30. Purchase of hand tools (including chainsaws) and consumables?

31. Preparation of a woodland management plan?

32. Costs of large scale or industrial processing undertaken by static machinery
with an annual processing capacity that is more than 10,000m3?

33. Costs of standard transport activities?

34. Moveable fittings such as soft furnishing, beds, tables, chairs, curtains, television and
audio equipment, crockery, cutlery, small kitchen equipment?

35. Tourism brown signs or motorway signage?

36. General landscaping, unless it is part of ‘making good’ for an application for a major attraction
or accommodation expansion (only landscaping contractor’s fees would be eligible, not plants,
seeds, turf or trees)?